What comes after TOXIC DESIRE?

Can’t get enough of the sex planet, the gold aliens, the fangs, the Achilles peen, the rebellious women, the Ssedez, the Fellamana? Guess what? There are two more books coming with all of the above 🙂

So, whose in the next book?

Book Two’s working title is CAPTIVE DESIRE and is between Gahnin, Oten’s second in command, and Assura, the rebellion soldier who survived a week alone in the jungles of Fyrian and delirious from the sex fever is placed under Gahnin’s care. And guess what part of that entails…? You know, because we all know sex is healing on planet earth, but on a sex planet it’s a biological necessity 😉 Especially when there’s a super sexy alien on hand.

And these two… I’m working on their edits right now. They are steeped in tension. They’ve each been through the ringer on stuff life has dealt them, and it makes them perfect for each other, and even more perfect for the steamy business. They are practically combusting with sexual hotness. I’m surprised my computer hasn’t gone up in flames.

They’re enemies to start, but they’ll have to work together to get through the Fellamana sex games (I know you can’t wait to find out what those are—yes, it’s what you think it is!) and an attack from the Ten Systems, cuz what’s a rebellion without some battle action! And some serious toughness display from the Ssedez, the Fellamana, and of course, our favorite rebellious women in arms 🙂

Book Three, currently entitled DREAMING DESIRE, will, you guessed it, be starring Koviye and Jenie. Koviye is one of the free-loving Fellamana who live on planet Fyrian. He has no inhibitions about sex whatsoever. But Jenie, acting general to the rebellion while Nemona is away with Oten, has some hangups in the bedroom department that Koviye is more than willing to help her with…and is the perfect male to help her get her sex life back to sizzling with pleasurable things.

I can’t wait to share these with you. CAPTIVE DESIRE’s current release date is November 2018. I’m trying to get that moved up, but I’ll keep you posted. And DREAMING DESIRE, will likely come out winter of 2019— I’m writing that one soon.

Happy reading all! And if you haven’t read book one yet, TOXIC DESIRE, here are the links where you can find it.

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