What Will Happen with Our Favorite Star Wars Couples in Last Jedi?

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The new Star Wars trailer is here and all we want to know is—where’s our Rey / Finn candy? Where, oh where, have they gone?

Because if there are no scenes with Rey & Finn together in this movie…

*Pause for moment of emotional collection*

That means…

We’ll be waiting two more years for the next movie to get some? Is that what this is going to turn into?

Rey’s goodbye from Finn in Force Awakens was touching. Which didn’t sound like a goodbye long enough to last an entire Star Wars episode, but that’s sure as hell what it looks like watching the trailer.

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6 Essentials on Our Afterburn/Aftershock Movie Wish List

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Sylvia Day’s Afterburn/Aftershock releases Nov. 3rd on Passionflix, and we can’t wait!

For years, I’ve been wanting Sylvia Day characters to get their debut up on the screen. I always hoped it would be the Crossfire series, but alas, it hasn’t worked out so far. BUT, not to despair. Passionflix is to the rescue!

Sylvia Day has been supplying fans with social media and email, building up the hype, from the casting of the characters to the behind the scenes shots, to editing clips, and then the trailer.

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A How-To Guide for Reviewing Romance for the Inexperienced (and Indifferent) Critic

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6 Aspects of Romance You Should Definitely Bring Up When You Review the Genre

Being a critic isn’t an easy job. Especially when it comes to reviewing romance.

It’s such a complex genre with all those predictable endings that are so feel-good. I mean, what’s to critique in that? And all that intricate conflict, carefully crafted plot development, and detailed characterization can be very overwhelming to the inexperienced critic.

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11 Things the NY Times COULD Write About Romance

I sent an email to the NY Times Book Review. Following Robert Gottlieb’s wildly inaccurate and offensive article last week, “A Roundup of the Season’s Romance Novels” , Radhika Jones’s rebuttal “Who Gets To Write About Romance?” still completely missed the point yesterday. So I responded to her question: “What are the stories in the field of romance that you think are most significant?”
Here are mine! (I may have gotten a little carried away. The Times has so much room for improvement! *side-eye* Even still, I by no means had space to cover all of the offensive slights in either article. Please excuse the things I had to leave out.)

Dear New Times Book Review,

I appreciate that you have a desire to cover romance. It is a nice change. Though, it is long overdue and the lack of coverage on the genre is itself discouraging. To have the article misrepresent the genre, whether written by a romance enthusiast or a critic, is damaging to the awareness the romance industry is attempting to bring to the validity of its genre.
The following are possible topics which would show respect for the marginalized genre that is so often derided, mocked and overlooked in our culture and by the literary world at large.


1) Feminist Ideas in Romance Novels

That’s not an oxymoron. Those of us who know, love and respect the genre see it for what it is: feminist ideas written for forward thinking women.
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Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures… Even in Romance (As In the Dark Romance Series)

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The lengths we want a character to go for love knows no bounds. When someone they love is threatened, we want to see them do whatever they can to protect them.

In real life, we may have the urge to do violence when a loved one is hurt. Or protect someone from harm in a way that is impossible for us. It’s not civil to go beat up a bully. It’s illegal to seek justice on someone the law doesn’t catch. But in a romance fictional world, all characters good and evil get their due.  Continue reading

KEEPER is here!

The wait is over! If you’ve been holding off reading the Dark Series until all three books are out, the 3rd and final book Keeper: A Dark Captive Romance is out today. It’s the end of the Vandershall saga and is as full of dark secrets, suspenseful thrills and, frankly, hot sex as Stranger: A Dark Stalker Romance and Deceiver: A Dark Revenge Romance.

In honor of the release, I’ve written another free story!!! Truth, I plan to write a new one every month to send out via my email list. I wrote a second epilogue to Blake & Daisy’s story in DECEIVER. You’re going to love it. Laugh/cry/sweat/beg for more–the whole bit.

If you missed last month’s FREE story (this one’s quite a bit longer so I made a cover for it) Strangers No More: A Dark Romance Story, it has more details about Penny and Logan and Blake between STRANGER and DECEIVER. The password and link comes in the signup email. (Yes, it’s passworded cuz, yeah, it’s that hot.) You can signup for all of that here. (If you’re reading this post later, no worries. Signup now for the emails and you’ll still receive all the stories in the automatic signup emails!)

Let me know what you think of the stories! I plan to write more and I want to write what you want to read 🙂

If you’ve finished all the Dark Series books already, be sure to check out all the extra goodie things here.
Thanks for reading! XO

What Will Be Sansa Stark’s Greatest Revenge? We’re Hoping It Will Be a Happy Ending!

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If anyone deserves an epic romance on Game of Thrones, it’s Sansa Stark…

It’s addictive to speculate about what will happen next on Game of Thrones. That’s the appeal. We all have ideas about what we think will happen. It’s endless entertainment to talk about it.

What makes it more fun, we rarely guess right. The show has taught us one thing: expect the unexpected. Continue reading

Is it Hate? Or is it Love? – The closeness of fear and desire, as in the dark romance series

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That enemies to lovers trope that so many of us love…

Why does that work so well?

They say opposite personalities attract, but I say opposite emotions attract too. The passion that comes out of a relationship that begins with mutual dislike can turn explosive.

The “I hate you. This changes nothing,” declared during a love scene creates the ultimate experience of the forbidden, which gets a lot of us going and turning pages like mad. I can’t get enough of the high stakes game wondering, when will this shouting match turn into a hot-and-heavy?

But why? From intense hatred comes life changing love? It doesn’t make sense—at first sight (pun intended). Continue reading

Romance In The Age Of Trigger Warnings: Do Readers Need To Be Warned?

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The presence of Trigger Warnings has been fast growing. We see them more and more. Sometimes clear, sometimes vague, but always—in my opinion—helpful.

I wish there were more of them.

But not everyone feels the way I do. Some complain they’re annoying, and they’re spoilers. It’s true. They do let the reader know what to expect. But for those of us who need trigger warnings, it sometimes makes it possible for us to read at all.

Many gravitate toward romance because it’s a safe space. We know the happily-ever-after will come. That love will triumph over evil. That no matter how bad it gets, it will all be okay. They provide a security no other genre can give us. In our real world, where HEA is not guaranteed in any part of our lives, romance novels are nothing short of priceless.  Continue reading