Finished reading the Dark Series?

If you’ve read them all… first off, thank you! It’s a pleasure to write these books and even more of a pleasure to have people read them.

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The confirmation email will have the password for the first FREE story (so don’t delete it!). That one is Strangers No More, and happens between Stranger and Deceiver. It’s how Penny learns more about what Blake knows about their mother–and of course some scorching hot sex with Logan after she learns the gory details.

I also have multiple epilogues planned for Blake & Daisy and at least one planned for Chase & Layla. I’ll write those in the coming months and send them via email. Let me know what you want to read and I’ll write it!

And of course, I know the ultimate question is Keegan and Meg *sigh*

Those two…

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Layla and Chase met them, and we got a glimpse of their as yet unrequited love story. I have lots of plans for them, and I’m dying to write their book! I’ll let you know as soon as that gets closer 🙂

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To help tide you over, here are some blog posts I’ve written about the series, if you haven’t seen them. There’s one on Heroes & Heartbreakers about Stranger, The Closeness Between Fear & DesireThere’s a couple on my blog as well, Stranger: Writing A Stalker Romance and Villain or Anti-Hero?.

Also, I’ve made Pinterest boards for Stranger and Deceiver and Keeper

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Again, thanks for reading. I can’t do this without you – XO